Overview Of Commercial Floor Cleaning Contract

Cleaning commercial floors is quite possibly one of the most challenging within the commercial cleaning portfolio of works. A commercial floor cleaning portland or contract needs to respond rapidly and vigorously to the vagaries of excessively high volumes of foot traffic. Innovative cleaning solutions have been developed for hard floors. This includes the challenging environment of stubborn tile and grout surfaces.

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It takes care of vinyl, concrete, tile and even marble floors, providing commercial customers with slip-resistant surfaces. Floor surfaces that experience high volumes of foot traffic will always be subject to wear and tear. If not cared for, they will become easily damaged. It can be quite expensive to repair or replace them. No such expense is required once a commercial floor cleaning contract has been signed off by the business or commercial property owner.

That being said, most commercial floor cleaning surfaces that receive its professional treatment are now protected with several layers of polymer or wax finishes. Not only is the floor surface clean and protected, it’s also highly attractive with a glossy or reflective appearance. This appearance is sustained throughout with mechanical buffing. In order to ensure that all such mechanical cleaning work does not do further damage to the floor, it’s necessary to implement a hard floor care program.

This kind of work does not need to be done on a daily basis. It’s generally only every quarter that’s recommended. Stripping and waxing work uses fast acting and deeply penetrating chemicals that loosen and remove old finish to prepare worn floors for fresh coating. Now that the cleaning solutions are green-friendly, these chemicals should not be harmful or toxic. Thus far, this has been a brief overview of how commercial flooring is professionally cleaned.